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Standing Balance Challenge | Espresso Workouts Core #3
16 min
Level: medium
Standing Balance Challenge will test your core stability and strength in a large variety of standing balance exercises. Work your butt, hips and abdominals! We're going all in this time with some explosive and high impact exercises to work your anaerobic endurance. This is a smart abdominal workout teaching you to use your core muscles correctly in everyday activities, especially standing, walking and running. This is a home - low impact - barefoot - no equipment workout you can do anytime. No moderation required;-) Let me know how this goes for you in the comment section down below. Enjoy! To stay tuned and get new workout inspiration make sure to sign up and follow me here on The Espresso Workouts Core program is targeting all of your "center" muscles: abdominals, obliques, transverse as well as your thigh and butt muscles. This program follows a progression from beginner to advanced; the higher the number of the Core Series, the more difficult the workout will be. The Core Series is mostly low impact or can be modified as such, allowing to tone, lengthen and strengthen while staying in your fat burn zone. This program is designed to give you more stability, as well as mobility from the ground up, through your core and out of your center for full physical expansion. Work out anywhere! This Workout Series requires little space and no equipment at all. I even highly recommend to do all exercises barefoot for better grounding and balance. -------------------------------------- My Social Links: Instagram: Facebook: Patreon: Website: Shutterstock: -------------------------------------- Music: -------------------------------------- Produced in: Plansee, Austria -------------------------------------- Edited in: Bavaria, Germany -------------------------------------- You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.