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Kettlebell Sweat Workout for Home Fitness I 40 Minute Class by 2fitnesslovers
40 min
Level: medium
Our kettlebell class is targeting all the most prominent muscle groups and strengthening your whole body. Combining strength and cardio is a great way to get fit and toned! Versatile movements ensure that your muscles get to work hard during this workout. This intense kettlebell workout includes a variety of kettlebell swings and exercises, which are targeting your lower & upper body! All you need is a kettlebell! If you have more kettlebells at home, start the warm-up with a lighter one! Join my home fitness kettlebell class, get fit, and have fun! Our goal is to inspire people to get active, no matter where you are - as long as you have enough space to move around, you can get your workout done everywhere. We bring a piece of nature and pure nature to your home fitness! Have a great day and enjoy your fit, healthy & happy life! Yours, Teija & Karl Online Fitness Coaching