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Stronger Body I 42-Minute Kettlebell Workout for Home Fitness
41 min
Level: medium
Our kettlebell class will strengthen your entire body and challenges your balance and coordination. You can do these exercises at home or outdoor, all you need is a kettlebell. This kettlebell class challenges your most significant muscles groups to work hard. We are starting with 5 minutes warm-up and then we are performing 6 supersets: 1. Reverse lunges & Suitcase squat 2. Lunges & Circles 3. One leg deadlift & One arm row 4. Upright row + Push-ups 5. V- Ups + Rotation 6. Core row + Plank This workout is targeting all the biggest muscle groups, completely whole body workout! We finish the training with cool down & stretch. Join my kettlebell outdoor class, get fit and have fun! Have a great day and enjoy your fit, healthy & happy life! Yours, Teija & Karl