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40 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout Outdoor Workouts for Home Fitness
40 min
Level: medium
40 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout video recorded outdoors by 2FitnessLovers, Teija & Karl. Our kettlebell workout will tone your entire body. You can do these exercises at home or outdoor, all you need is a kettlebell. We are starting with 10 minutes warm-up with the kettlebell. The kettlebell warm-up includes activities that challenge your balance and coordination while warming up the muscles and entire body and getting you ready for the next part; strength training. Strength Training part is lasting 25 Minutes. We have great movements included in the kettlebell workout video, like lunges with the kettlebell, squat and shoulder press, kettlebell swings - movements that challenge your biggest muscles groups to work hard! Your whole body must work hard to the end of the class! Time is flying fast when we are training hard and having fun! We finish the workout with the 5 min cool-down. Our kettlebell workout video is a great combination of different exercises targeting your whole body. Have a great day and enjoy your fit, healthy & happy life! Yours, Teija & Karl