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16 Minute Full-Body Tabata Workout for Home Fitness
20 min
Level: medium
16 Minute Full-Body Tabata Workout is a great way to get and stay fit! High-Intensity training makes you sweat and improve both your strength and cardio! I will always show two variations; easy option and challenging version of each exercise we perform. After 3 Minute info, we are performing 4 movements: 1. Lunge Jumps 2. Planks to Push up 3. Half Burpee / Frogger 4. Push Up variation We perform 8 rounds, 20s. / 10s. rest per each movement. Between each movement, there is around half a minute break to get ready for the next set! This workout does not include warm up or cool down. Let´s go!! Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle! YOURS, Teija & Karl