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Anna's HIIT Workout - Scorching Calories & Melting Fat (With Just Your Bodyweight)
17 min
Level: medium
Don't think that because this workout is equipment free, that it is gonna be a breeze. Push yourself through this one, and your body will become your own personal melting pot to burn off that unwanted fat away, as high intensity interval training is proven to be the an incredible source for burning calories for 24 hours after you've completed your workout. Get a warm-up in, hit play, and just follow along! Here is the workout breakdown: 3 rounds, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest 1. Broad Jump, Step Back Curtsy Lunge 2. Leaning Abs Knees Crunch & Scissor Split 3. Squat Hop & Donkey Kick 1x2 4. Plank Jack & Kick Through 5x1 5. Squat Side Step & Kneel 2x1 Finish with a cool-down, and lots of stretching.