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Anna's HIIT Workout - Equipment Free, but Fitness Dues Paid
18 min
Level: medium
This is a 15 minute high intensity interval workout that is completely equipment free, so it can be done anywhere. There are 5 moves for this workout that will be repeated in 3 sets. If you choose to write the workout down and do on your own time, you'll set your interval timer for 15 rounds, 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. Otherwise, just follow along with me and I'll do the entire workout with you. Make sure you get in a warmup before starting this though. Here are the 5 moves: 1. Squat Jump & Front Lunge 2. Pike Press & Side Knee Tuck 3. Skater/Knee Tuck Jump 4x1 4. Double Abs Knee Tuck & Cross Toe Touch 5. Bodyweight Plank Shoulder Press & Leg Cross Always finish with a cool down and stretching.