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Anna's HIIT Workout - Cardio Killer & Muscle Builder (With Just Bodyweight!)
18 min
Level: medium
For this 15 minute hiit workout, there is no equipment necessary, other than just an optional mat if you're working out on a hard surface. Make sure you get a warm-up in before starting this workout, and then either write the workout down and use your own interval timer, or just simply follow along as I'll be doing the full workout with you. There are 5 moves that we will be repeating in 3 sets. Each move will be performed for 45 seconds with a short 15 second rest period in between each move. Here is the workout breakdown; 1. Jump Jack & Side Kick 2. Blast Off Push-Up to Sumo Squat Hold 3x1 3. Forward Skater & Side Squat Hops Back 4x3 4. Leaning Knee Tuck & Cross Touch 5. Side Burpee w/ Same Side Knee to Elbow Once you're finished, get a cool down in and stretch.