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10 Minute Bench Stretch Session I Outdoor Workout for Home Fitness
10 min
Level: easy
10 Minute Bench Stretch Session is a nice way to cool down and recovery your body after your workout. We are stretching the main muscles groups using the bench. You can combine this session with a 20 Minute Bench Strength training workout, combine with other workouts/cardio or do it as a separate stretching session. Let´s get take care of our flexibility!:) LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT: Click Add, Share or Comment this workout video! That is very helpful and motivating for us. WHO WE ARE: We are a couple of passionate, certified online personal trainers & online fitness coaches and consult fitness-lovers worldwide to reach their health and fitness goals. Together we have over 30 years experience in personal training, competing in sports competitions, and online fitness coaching. OUR MISSION: Our goal is to inspire people around the world to get more active, no matter where they are located: as long as you have enough space to move around, you can get your workout done. We bring peace of nature and new outdoor workouts to your home fitness! Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle! YOURS, Teija & Karl