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35 Min Beginners Full Body Strength Training with Music for Home Fitness
37 min
Level: easy
The Beginner's Full Body(-weight) Strength Workout with Music to do at home or anywhere is an easy way to start strength training. With bodyweight training, you need minimal equipment, and you can train from anywhere. In this 35-minute class, all you need is a chair or bench, and you'll perform strength exercises that work for multiple muscle groups at once. We are starting the class with 5-minutes warm up ( low impact ) and then continue straight to the body weight circuit training. We perform three rounds, each ten exercises. Afterwards, 3-minutes cool-down and stretching. This program is planned especially for the beginners, and it is never too late to start strength training. Remember that strength training is essential for bone density, body composition, metabolism, and overall health. Our goal is to inspire people to get active, no matter where you are located: as long as you have enough space to move around, you can get your workout done. We bring peace of nature and fresh outdoor workouts to your home fitness! ADD, SHARE and COMMENT this workout video if you enjoyed watching it! All this is very helpful for us! We want to know which videos are valuable, exciting and motivating you! Thanks a lot! Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle! Yours, Teija & Karl