Lower Body Strength HIIT Workout 15 Min Glutes, Hamstring, and Thighs
18 min
Level: easy
Hey friends! I am coming at you with a lower body strength hit workout for the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs! A perfect workout to get those legs lean for the summer. YES, I said summer. Summer is closer than you think and I cannot wait. Follow along with me for an intense 15 minute lower body strength workout. All you will need is a water bottle and a pair of dumbbells. This workout can be repeated as many times as needed in order to get a full workout in! I understand everyone is at different fitness levels and sometimes or most of the time, 15 minutes just isn’t enough. CHALLENGE YOURSELF, but always be safe and listen to your body. 🔑EQUIPMENT USED: 20LBS DUMBBELLS: 📷 GEAR I USE: CAMERA: TRIPOD: GOPRO: