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Legs and Glutes “Torture” Workout Part 3
36 min
Level: hard
This 32 minute “LEGS, GLUTES and ABS HIIT-workout” is made up of 3 blocks of exercises;The 1st block with Kettlebell or Dumbbell (45 sec/15 sec 3x rounds):1.KB squat+ reverse lunge 2.KB one leg static front back lunges (L) 3. KB one leg static front back lunges (R)4.Bodyweight spider lunge + jumpThe 2nd block with the resistance band (45 sec/15 sec 3x rounds):1.Low hip 3x front steps 3x back steps2.Tap downs3.Hip thrust + abduction 4.Side abduction (L)5.Side abduction (R)The 3rd block ABS/Core:1.KB Russian Twist2.High plank side/middle knee raises3.Jack knife /leg raises/ knee raises