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Healthy Core Workout with Stability Ball I 12 Minute Class for Home Fitness
13 min
Level: easy
This Exercise Program is Great for All Fitness Levels, (Also Suitable for Beginners) Comes with Music and Can be Done at Home or Anywhere Else. WORKOUT DESCRIPTION:The exercise ball is an excellent tool to bring variations to your workouts. The basic idea behind is that the ball is improving your balance and challenging your core muscles to work hard. If you are looking to get stronger core muscles and have a fun exercise with the ball, you came to the right place. We will perform eight different kinds of core exercise with a ball.This program is terrific for all fitness levels. Tip: If you are a beginner and thinking about the right ball size, you can check suitable size for you this way: sit on a ball, and the knee blades should be at a relatively straight angle. Of course, nothing prevents you from using a smaller or bigger ball. This is just a good tip to start your training with the ball. What also counts is how much air is in the ball and how much the user weighs. The full-blown ball is very resilient and makes the workout more challenging. A looser ball will remain more easily in place. ADD, SHARE AND COMMENT:Click Add, Share or Comment our workout video. That is very helpful for us as we want to know which videos are valuable, exciting and motivating you! Thanks a lot!Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle!Yours,Teija & KarlThe Online Fitness Coaches