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Intense Bodyweight Workout at Costa Del Sol for Home Fitness
42 min
Level: medium
With bodyweight training, you need no or minimal equipment, and you can train from anywhere. In this 40-minute class, all you need is a chair or bench, and you'll perform strength exercises that work for multiple muscle groups at once. This strength training includes 7 Supersets, targeting all your main muscle groups, and also challenging your core! Exercises range from static to explosive, and you will be amazed how effective and intensive bodyweight training can be! After the workout, we do a short cool-down and stretching. This program is for advanced fitness level. Remember that strength training is essential for bone density, body composition, metabolism, and overall health. A BIT OF BACKGROUND: Teija & I brought all training and film know-how into our Best Workout yet. We used an iPhone7 Plus, an iPhone7, a GoPro HERO6 and the GoPro Karma drone to record this video and spend quite some time to find the perfect location and to edit the final video! Thus we really hope that you like the results, and are happy if you: ADD, SHARE AND COMMENT: Click Add, Share or Comment this workout video! That is very helpful for us as we want to know which videos are valuable, exciting and motivating you! Thanks a lot! Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle! YOURS, Teija & Karl