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Espresso Workouts Cardio | #12 Jump! (4k)
27 min
Level: hard
► Today, we jump! This is a high impact, cardio workout with jumps, running and loads of air-time. You will work speed, elasticity and gaining that extra bit of momentum and rebound for being quick and light on your feet. These Cardio exercises will boost your metabolism, increase your muscle tone and increase your stamina and endurance. No equipment necessary. The high intensity of this cardio workout allows you to burn more calories, kick start your metabolism and tone and strengthen your whole body. All exercises are body-weight only. This workout includes some high intensity jumps, runs and hops to boost your cardio and work your stamina and endurance. ►This cardio workout will take you through a warm-up, your core interval cardio training and a cool down and stretch. A complete workout you can take with you on all your adventures! The higher the number in the Cardio Series, the more advanced the workouts are becoming. This season will challenge your legs, core, arms and endurance. We grow together from the gentle prep work to the full out jump and plyometrics workout sessions. If any of this is too hard for you: Try 2 - 3 weeks of Espresso Workouts Foundation Workouts first: This is a home workout you can do anytime and anywhere with no equipment at all. You don't even need shoes ;-) ► Get closer to the action! Unique inspiration and motivational content with previews, making offs, prep work and take outs from our filming sessions as well as my own workouts and health lifestyle. Patreons get to choose which content stays exclusive on Patreon! Join now: ► Catch the full workout programs and all updates here: ► A creator yourself? Download the exercise and training footage in 4K for your own projects here: ► Espresso Workouts is the travel and hotel room-friendly body-weight workout you can do anywhere. Take your training plan with you wherever you go! Helping you to get stronger, leaner and fitter, faster, easier and better! -------------------------------------- • Location • Bavaria, Germany -------------------------------------- • Music • Get two month extra fro free: -------------------------------------- • My Social Links • More Workout inspiration on Instagram: -------------------------------------- • Disclaimer • You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. --------------------------------------