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New York, NY, USA
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I’m Casey. I’m a New York City based nutrition coach, trainer, and life coach offering customized wellness programs for busy professionals and parents.

BUT I also don’t discount the healing powers of an occasional whisky on the rocks 

OR the power of NOT being a douche and/or gymbo (which is a word I made up for a gym bimbo -- think, that chick who takes selfies of her butt by the weight racks).

Health on the Rocks is here to get you livin’ that fit/healthy/happy life minus the eye-roll inducing “motivational” nonsense, the overly saccharine, vaguely patronizing, and totally useless “workouts”, and the affected girly voices that make me feel like I’m at a porno pillow fight.

So if this sounds like your jam, pull up a stool and join our community of sweat-lovin, mostly sober, real-ass human beings who have decided to, once and for all, cut through the bullshit to get on with the surprisingly elusive task of living their best lives.

My Certifications
Athletics and Fitness Association of America
Group Fitness Instructor
Yoga Alliance
RYT 200 - Registered Yoga Teacher
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